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Our Mission:

Wearing jewelry employs a beautiful language to tell a story- your story. At times, it has brought out confidence, sexuality, and has had the ability to transform mood.  Ultimate success is the enjoyment, engagement and positive energy it brings out


To manage this relies on a dedication to our aesthetics and our values to maintain client and supplier relationships. Listening to your compliments, suggestions and critiques help up move forward to be able give you more.

Welcome and thank you for visiting us.

We are SC Studio, a contemporary jewelry company, offering small limited designs that focuses on craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Our Ethics and Standards:

We are mindful in making decisions that improve the daily jewelry practices. We constantly seek new sources, methods and news to be forward thinking to do our share to protect the planet and each other.  It is a step in the right direction. 

  • Work with non-conflict stones

  • Be prudent about the materials we source from a few reputable in-trade suppliers

  • Handmake our production whenever possible

  • Use recycled metals 

  • Upcycle materials

  • Recycle metal scrap, paper scrap, packaging and shipping materials,

  • Use proper chemical disposal procedures and energy-efficient practices in their studios and workshops

  • Use recycled/recyclable packaging


Basically, there are three categories in jewelry: fine, demi-fine, fashion.  While fine jewelry is crafted with precious metals (platinum, gold, palladium, silver) and gemstones at significant prices to mark significant events, fashion jewelry is the opposite and made of base metals (brass, copper, aluminum) with crystals. It's price point is much lower.  Demi-fine jewelry sits in between, borrowing a little of both but having an affordable price without sacrificing quality or design. This is what we believe. 

Meet us:
 sheilah Christi Campbell - Owner / creative director

When I was still young, I often immersed myself in the process of creating:  visualizing, constructing, understanding functionality and most importantly, how it made me feel.   After graduating from the Business School of St. Peter's University, I earned my security licenses and worked in financial companies for over 15 years.

However, something always seemed to be missing professionally. While working at a brokerage company close to the Diamond District in New York, a friend asked me to go to a jewelry-making class.  Instantly, the excitement from my childhood came back. Since that class, I have forged forward, passionately self-taught through classes, bench time, trade shows to a never ending journey of the process. I am a member of the American Craft Council and the GIA Alumni Association.

Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time to formulate pieces for a collection but ultimately, it comes from the personalities in people that drive my designs and fuel my curiosity to create.

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 stellah - branding

What she brings to the table: Experience and expertise in a top luxury brand for over 30+ years. She believes knowing your clients foster strong loyal connections.

Birthstone: Blue Sapphire

Values: Treating others the way you want to be treated

Favorite indulgence: Being a foodie


Pink roses were the favorite of my mentor, my mother.  I have always associated it with grace, gratitude, and passion.  Through her, roses serves as a reminder of that intoxicating feeling of thoughtfulness and joy for both the giver as well as the recipient much to the reason why jewelry is made and worn.

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