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Doing small things with great pride

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why shop small?

Shopping small means that the value of a gemstone isn't determined solely by its carat weight but by the unique charm it possesses. Each piece of jewelry is more than just a design; it carries with it a story, ready to become a part of your own narrative. It's a celebration of individuality, where each purchase forms a personal link to the dedicated artisans behind it. By choosing to shop small, you're actively contributing to the dreams and aspirations of small business owners who infuse their passion into every creation. 

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Your Positive Impact

Purchasing our items means you will also donate a percentage to help girls ages 5-18 in the United States and Canada to promote the "whole" girl development:  

Life skills instruction

Healthy living

Academic enrichment and support



"SOMETHING SPECIAL ALL THE TIME..can't wait to see what you are making next."



"...just got compliments on my jewelry from a random woman next to us"



"I love it! Thank you!"


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